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Entry 23rd November 2021: Post 1: Amiga Gaming - Those long winter nights.

Amiga Gaming - Those long winter nights.

I was so happy in 1994 mucking around my Amiga 1200 that I managed
to ignore two seriously fantastic games that came out on cover disk
that summer. So when in winter of that year I was mooching around
for something fun to carry me through those long dark winters nights,
imagine my surprise and joy to happen across what became for me
Amiga classics.

The first was Vulcan's Lord of Infinity. Both the games featured
here were puzzle solvers, and this game did not disappoint. It is
difficult often to quite understand how clues in what are quite
small areas of game, can be so hidden from view. The hours I
spent trudging around the zones to solve problems was quite mind
boggling. As frustrating the game could be, I never could put it

The next, DreamWeb, was just mental. The puzzles were never clear
and the clues that revealed themselves in the close up view were
often the size of a single pixel on the screen. Blink and you
would miss it. The story in DreamWeb was weird and odd too cus
you were never quite sure whether you were good or bad. And the
manual with its scrawled lettering ' Diary of a Madman ' was also
hardly comforting.

You always know when you have played a good game, cus when it is
finished, you feel lost and abandoned and taken to kicking the
door in on the fridge as you try to comfort your misery with a
cuppa tea. Neither of the cover disks offered very much, but what
they did was tempt me with buying the games. Man was I glad of
those tempting little disks. Certainly the post holiday period
can be a little of a drag in January. The nights were anything
but for me. Cus I had Valhalla and DreamWeb to keep me occupied.

Anyhoo as a little bit of a reward I not only show the game cover
disk features but also include copies of all the disks from the
magazine issues for you to download. Be aware that this offer is
for a limited time only. I just wanted to share my dark winters
nights with you from 1994, and maybe you too will partake of the
full games.

Have fun.

Amiga Gaming - Those long winter nights.

ElfMania and GBRoute 1.1 | Valhalla

Interspread | Demo Maniac | DreamWeb

Cover Disks to Download

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