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Entry 24th November 2021: Post 2: Amiga Format January 1994 - DiskMaster plus more.

Amiga Format January 1994 - DiskMaster plus more.

When I pick up any Amiga magazine I kinda get lost in the pages.
Flicking through takes me back to when I first opened these pages
and reflecting on what would have grabbed my eye in the day.

First up though I provide the very informative tutorial on the
file manager DiskMaster. You may recall I used DiskMaster on my
BayBench disks for the Amiga 500.

Both disks can be found on the EAB Magazine Rack site to download.
The other disk being the cover disk for Beneath a Steel Sky. Just
search Amiga Format January 1994 and coverdisks.

Anyhoo to those highlights.....

First up the 4MB PCMCIA card which I went straight out and bought.
I was attempting animations using DPaint and I was only able to
create a few basic pages before running out of memory. The PCMCIA
was magic cus it just slotted in the side of the 1200.

Next was the video collection for Crying Freeman which tempted me
to buy both videos. Sadly both were crap, truly crap.

For games we had Beneath a Steel Sky which I bought, Cannon Fodder
which I bought, Ishar which I bought Genesia which I bought and
Frontier Elite II which I bought. And I played them all to death.

Bit of a pattern here ...

Onward and to the Power XL drive of which I bought the external,
more than once. Next problem with larger animations was how to
save them. The Power XL drive let me use PC HD drives with more
capacity. Also allowed me to interrogate PC disks with CrossDOS.

And so to monitors. 1994 was a difficult year to get an Amiga
monitor so the Philips became yet another target for purchase.
For the Philips though I went second hand and bought an A600 at
the same time. The guy selling the A600 was amazed that I was
only after the monitor to use with another A1200 I had.

The Ishar feature was a walk through which you had to buy in the
day and guess what, I bought it. This was a magic A5 black book
that I tried so hard not to use.

I was already playing Terminator 2 which I bought at the same time
as the Ishar 2 game. Both truly wonderful games.

Imagine seemed a touch out of my field but I did eventually cough
up the cash to buy it. Some of the Amiga software of the day was
way too expensive for me to buy. They also needed better kit than
I had so software like Imagine would have been nice but really a
touch out of my bracket.

I never purchased the VidiAmiga24RT opting instead for the more
basic model. These things were quite expensive in the day. Eventually
I did get the 24RT but in truth I carried on using my original.

More monitors and the Microvitec there is what caught my eye and
you guessed it, I bought one. Well I have three of this type. I
had placed a deposit down for a Commodore 1940 only to have my
money returned when Commodore went bust. I purchased the Microvitec
as an alternative. I have to say I was not disappointed.

And finally that Manga nonsense released by VIZ. I was never a fan
of these kinds of video. I found them awkward and stuttering and
the stories a little too violent. I was hoping to see some smooth
animations with imaginative atmosphere. Instead I got little more
than a cartoon with some very questionable content. I sense I only
ever watched the one. The thing that turned me off was this woman
that turned into a spider and then started crapping at the good guy.

Well there you have it. I think I must have bought everything on
offer in Amiga Format for January 1994. So advertising does work.
Thing is I still have all the stuff plus the magazine. Just a good
thing none of it is now for sale.... or not.

Amiga Format January 1994 - DiskMaster plus more.

DiskMaster 2

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