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Entry 8th November 2022: Post 1: MSX Toshiba HX-10 - Car Racing Game.

MSX Toshiba HX-10 - Car Racing Game.

My marathon gaming session was interrupted by a request for the
code for the MSX game 'Car Racing'. The game is written in BASIC
and appears in the HX-10 Owner's Manual for the Toshiba and not
the Reference manual. I have three boxed versions of the computer
and no doubt in one of the boxes is a better quality copy, but
for now I use my tatty copy that I keep out for such times as

Anyhoo.. I have scanned the manual and include this today. I will
attempt to use the code on another machine that I am able to save
with to see if it works.

With that done I can return to my PS4. M'kay.

MSX Toshiba HX-10 - Car Racing Game.

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