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Entry 16th November 2022: Post 1: Sims4 - Gaming marathon.

Sims4 - Gaming marathon.

I guess it was my own fault that I sank into the pit of gaming.
The summer heat curtailed my gaming fun with HitMan and I lay off
the console until now. I decided to refresh my game bank with a
few goodies including Sims4, FIFA15, Final Fantasy XV, Tomb Raider
[Rise of the ..] and Tomb Raider Classic for the XBOX360.  That last
one mainly for Anniversary.

In addition to these wonderful games I also added to the DVD
library with The Justice League and Blade Runner 2049.

I have really only been playing Sims4 in truth and did soon come
to the conclusion that life is way too short to simulate life in
a game. I did enjoy the building of the home and I spent a good
time designing and building the optimum single persons residence.
Care has to be taken to minimise the circulation patterns to save
time. Therefore your ablutions and eating/sleeping arrangements
need to be in an ordered simple pattern to maximise those all
important minutes needed to do other things.

My character was a supermodel and I gave her the job of a tech
wizard. I followed all the guides for traits and such but she just
hated it. So I switched to catering which she liked better. The
problem was that the cycles of activity followed very closely my
own patterns of behaviour, and I just got to thinking, that if, I
am going to spend all this time in a simulation why don't I just
clean my own house.

The game is gated behind expansion packs and is better suited to
a hamster wheel kind of mentality. It had its moments but by the
end of the second week I was back playing HitMan. Not a fan of
the game and can't see me playing it again. Saying that I did get
a trophy for being an introvert. Maybe that was my problem.

I haven't started any of the other games as I really need to
focus on important stuff like living, eating and sleeping for a

I watched a couple of DVDs which were less than impressive. Sadly
the Justice League proved to be as muddled, slow and dreary as
the other films from this catalogue. The only great line was from
Batman when he admitted that his superpower was being filthy rich.

Onto Blade Runner 2049 which the first half was incredibly well
made and thoroughly enjoyable. All goes well until the film has
to make way for Harrison Ford and his stock references to anyone
younger than himself as kid. They really need to retire this guy.

The film SHOULD have focussed on the daughter Dr Ana Stelline
who could have been apprehended, making Niander Wallace's part
more meaningful. The film then could have better ended with the
solemn Officer K realising only then that all of his kind had
some real memories embedded into them. I am not sure what Ana de
Armas or Joi was doing in the film other that to provide a very
pleasant backdrop to his otherwise dull life.

Anyhoo had the Blade Runner film retired Harrison Ford before he
set foot on the stage-set we may have had a really good full film
instead of just half of one.

PS The bees were not real. There were no flowers. Only real flower
was at the grave of Rachel. Sadly Rachel got a very bad show of it.

Anyhoo... that was that. I am back from the pit of the PS4 and I
guess I better get my retro groove on. We will see.

Sims4 - Gaming marathon.

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