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Entry 17th November 2022: Post 1: Gaming - Big bag of joysticks.

Gaming - Big bag of joysticks.

With the high winds we were having I had cause to venture into
the loft. The roof was pretty unremarkable, though the constant
bellowing of the roof felt left me somewhat troubled. I found
a few goodies laying around the loft and was most pleased to
uncover a big bag of joysticks that I didn't know I had. Which
was nice. So I struggled with the heavy bag and left it for
another day.

OK another day is upon us and I sifted through the joysticks and
made a list of the particular brands:

Cheetah 125+[4]
JoyStick 125[2]
QuickShot II[1]
QuickShot II Plus[1]
QuickShot Professional[2]
QuickShot II Turbo[1]

There was also an Amstrad joystick from the special presentation
pack that I recently featured. Plus a joystick specially made for

I have no way of tracking the history of these joysticks or which
computer they belonged to. They all seemed to be in pretty good
condition given that they have likely to have been up there over
ten years. Also with the Joysticks was a pair of Alba speakers
which no doubt are pretty crap, but are interesting all the same.

That was that then. Like I say I have a few other items that I
recovered from the loft and I will endeavour to feature them over
the next few days.


Gaming - Big bag of joysticks.

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