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Entry 21st November 2022: Post 1: OctaMED - V6 and V5.04.

OctaMED - V6 and V5.04.

Someone was asking for a link to OctaMED V5.04. Now here is the
thing, if you can get hold of Amiga Format AFCD No9 for January
1997 you get loads of goodies plus OctaMED V6. This little beauty
lets you play up to 8 instruments. AND you get all the extra stuff
that is packed onto the CD. If you can find the magazine complete
you also get the added CD AGA Experience Vol 1.

Personally if you can acquire The Sound Studio also then you are
really 'rockin and a rollin'.

Anyhoo for a copy of OctaMED 5.04 just hop over to EAB's Magazine
Rack and do a search for CUAmiga September 95 and click the link
to cover disks and you can download from the site.

Easy Peasy ....

There was a thread about the best MOD ever and it has to be axelf.


OctaMED - V6 and V5.04.

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