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Entry 21st November 2022: Post 2: CPC and MSX Emulators on the Amiga.

CPC and MSX Emulators on the Amiga.

I do like going on a hunt for something, and whilst searching for
the OctaMED CD I found an interesting article about both the CPC
and MSX emulator for the Amiga. Was supposed to be on AFCD No9
which I featured in the previous blog. Turns out there was no
such emulators included anywhere on the disc. There was an Atari
emulator and a few others.

Undeterred I checked the next four editions of the CD and copied
the various emulators to my emulator folder on the PC. Eventually
I did find the MSX emulator but finished up downloading the CPC
emulator from Aminet.

Now here is the thing. It's a little known trick to actually use
the Amiga emulator on the PC to run pretty much every emulator on
the planet. Whilst it is getting harder finding the older version
emulators for the PC complete with ROMs, it is quite easy finding
emulators for the Amiga. Just check Aminet.

Just for reference I tested emulators for the MSX, CPC, C64 and
Spectrum. Pretty well every Amiga Format CD has any number of the
emulators to have a play with. Incredible really.

Don't get telling Alan Sugar. M'kay.

That AF article for the CPC and MSX is in Jan 97 Amiga Format.

CPC and MSX Emulators on the Amiga.

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