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Entry 23rd November 2022: Post 1: F/A-18 Interceptor - For F's sake.

F/A-18 Interceptor - For F's sake.

This post is less about the Electronic Art's flight simulator and
more about the security wheel needed to get into the game.

OK first up this game is all on disk and can be copied. Each and
every file is visible and you can interrogate and copy just what
you want. Problem comes when you want to play, cus, you need the
special security wheel to enter the 'Security Countercode'. Give
up trying to guess. I did a quick estimation and there just aint
enough hours in the day and you only get three goes.

Trouble was my wheel was not with the manual. Some years back I
removed all manuals from boxes along with the disks and then I
placed all boxes in deep store in piled tubs. I do have a select
number of games boxes out but this wasn't one of them.

Anyhoo I skipped over to Ebay and luck would have it there was
a wheel up for sale. This promptly arrived and then when going
through all my 'F type ' simulator games manuals I actually
found my original security wheel. No matter, I now have two.

OK so I got past the entry code section and got to the controls
on the Hornet. That is when I said ' F-f's sake' and gave up.
Life simply is way to short for these kinds of things.

For some reason I have a number of these original disks. They
are scattered all over the place. Sadly the game is pretty
useless without the wheel. I think some guy has a site on the
web where you can use an online wheel for most things. The trick
is to have the real thing. I once tried to copy a wheel for a
guy for Premiership Manager. My advice ' DONT' ! Painful.

There you go, another pretty pointless gaming endeavour. You will
probably glean from this that I am not a fan of the simulator.

Have fun.

F/A-18 Interceptor - For F's sake.

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