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Entry 24th November 2022: Post 1: Amiga 500 - Say cheese.

Amiga 500 - Say cheese.

So often on well known forums I see excited users of the Amiga in
the process of showing off their beloved Amiga 500. For me I wait
inquisitively as the box is opened in the anticipation of seeing
what I believe is the most rare of Amiga memorabilia. You may be
have thought that rare meant actual kit, when in fact the rarest 
of things is simple packaging. For that which has sadly survived 
least, after all the years is the 'cheese'. It is the polystyrene 
insert that held the A520 modulator.

So often you will see the cardboard foam inner clasp that held the
PSU and mouse plus cables, being used as a make-shift clamp across
the A500, acting as a kind of cheese. Having spent a decade tracking
down a cheese I can tell you there was only one fully shaped inner
polystyrene piece of packaging made for the job.

Anyhoo... all the other bits matter just the same in the end. BUT...
if you want to assemble the full package you will need the cheese.
Getting one may be a struggle, cus who in truth is just going to
sell you a cheese. These things were thrown away the minute the
original box was opened, is my guess. Added to the fact that the
space was ideal for the books. Originally books were place below
the computer as nothing other than a foam filler would sit on top
of the computer keys.

There were also two warranty stickers on the Amiga 500 and the
serial number should be on the outside of the box.

For my part I wish I had not been infected with the collectors
disease. It would have certainly saved me a whole bag of time and
money. Bonker if you ask me, worrying about a bit of polystyrene.

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Amiga 500 - Say cheese.


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