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Entry 27th November 2022: Post 1: Sketch-a-Graph - Early image manipulation.

Sketch-a-Graph - Early image manipulation.

You may recall a few weeks back I featured the Tracey gadget that
came free with Amiga Shopper that let you trace images using the
mouse direct into your Amiga. Today I feature a tracing gadget
that I used in my youth in an attempt to copy pictures.

In my early years I had tried many ways to replicate images. The
simplest and most successful was tracing paper, or maybe grease
proof paper. At school we were forced to take a practical class
even if we were not taking the exam. I chose woodwork and the
teacher let me build an animation light table which was useful
though limited in image size.

One Christmas my parents bought me this Sketch-a-Graph which on
the face of it was just perfect. Not only would it duplicate but
also enlarge and reduce. Problem was that the movement was never
smooth and often there was a delay between the tracing tool and
the pencil. In catching up the pencil would cut corners and also
dither and shake. The results were truly poor.

All the same it was a brave attempt at duplication, albeit very
clumsy in execution. Sketch-a-Graph was made in Australia. I do
know that somewhere I have a stencil of Australia. Using a stencil
as in the box image was more successful... but then, who needs a
tracing tool when you can simply draw around the stencil.

One very successful way of duplication was in the use of newspaper
print. Not only could you rub the rear of a picture and create a
faint duplicate on paper, but you could also use  heavy print on
newspapers to act as carbon paper. Simply lay the heavy print of
the paper down on a clean sheet of paper and place the subject
image above and with a sharp point trace what you need. I used
this process to create all my football kits in my 'Make-up Football'
league game.

I moved from paper copying to film and the epidiascope and became
a lot more creative with my duplication processes. Taking crude
photographs of basic models and then projecting onto paper was a
dream way of creating accurate images.

All of this became redundant the minute I moved over to the Amiga.
I quickly set up a picture holder and tripod with lights and used
my Sony HandyCAM to grab images with VidiAmiga. I never looked
back after that and have been using scanners for all my duplication
from a short time after.

It is interesting that all the processes I did by hand in my youth
have been absorbed by the computer. I still draw an awful lot and
do tend to dabble each and every day, but for the most part the
scanner, camera or internet images have become the predominant way
I manipulate images these days. Good old Photoshop.

Sketch-a-Graph - Early image manipulation.

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