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Entry 4th November 2023: Post 1: Tomb Raider - In short simply legendary.

Tomb Raider - In short simply legendary.

Not sure why I spent the last three nights glued to my monitor
watching a YouTube walkthro' of Tomb Raider the original game. I
found myself just hooked into the depth of the game engine and
the multitude of puzzles, plethora of intricate tunnels, walkways
and passage ways that Lara had to navigate. It left me bewildered
as to how I ever completed the game back in the nineties.

As I watched the games ending with that same sense of fulfilment
having traversed the expanse of the game I was quite stunned by
the incredibly short list of credits. If you have ever ploughed
through the endings of modern games you will appreciate just how
many thousands of individuals go into the making of titles these
days. For Tomb Raider the original, in all its wonder, the list is:

Programming: Paul Douglas, Gavin Rummary and Jason Gosling.
Graphics: Toby Gard, Heather Gibson and Neal Boyd.
Music and SFX: Martin 'Atjazz' Iveson and Nathan McCree.

And that is the full list with the exception of Shelley Blond who
was the original voice of Lara Croft.

I would say that pixel for pixel these guys managed to create a
work of pure genius on a scale that cannot even begin to be met
by the multitudes that generate modern games.

Interestingly Lara Croft holds the Guinness World Record for the
'most successful human video game heroine'. Well done to Toby
Gard for giving the world such a beautiful and adorable creature.

For my part I have played them all from the very beginning. I
have spent way too many hours that I am willing to admit with
the lovely Lara Croft. It has been a roller coaster of a mad ride
with that lady and I guess the journey isn't over yet. In the
early days all I had was the games guides and magazines to go on
when stuck in those mazes. Today YouTube will hold your hand the
entire way.

Anyhoo I did enjoy watching the walkthro' and was somewhat moved
at the end, wanting to drag out the PS1 and have a play. The
game really only works on the PS1 and a smaller TV.

The name CORE probably chimes well with Amiga gamers having given
us so many titles to enjoy over the years. They were acquired by
US Gold before being subsequently purchased by Eidos. Today Lara
is managed by Crystal Dynamics who sadly have turned the game
into a shooter and not a particularly good one. They also have
extracted all the glamour from Lara which probably reflects today's
politically correct world.

OK a bit of before and after,  courtesy of YouTube. Lara Croft in
the last true Tomb Raider and then the later incarnation.

L A R A - C R O F T

Underworld- Music - Lights Ellie Goulding

L A R A - C R O F T

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Music - In the Air Tonight by Joseph William Morgan

Tomb Raider - In short simply legendary.

' Lara did use to look so beautiful .. Never mind '.

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