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Entry 11th November 2023: Post 1: Trolls Flair Software - Giving me the run around.

Trolls Flair Software - Giving me the run around.

If you read yesterdays blog regarding the arrivals to the collection
for November 2005 you will have seen a picture with a stack of games
and on the very top the game by Flair Software called Trolls. Thing
was I hadn't seen that box in a good while and so went on a search
for it.

I trawled through all my Amiga games boxes that were accessible and
then I started to search through my Amiga records. I discovered the
disks but could not track down the box.

By chance I was perusing my stacked shelf of C64 games and noticed
a very familiar white box sitting atop a box of games. To my surprise
amongst the C64 games was the Trolls games box. It was then that I
discovered that the game was actually a cassette for the C64. I was
somewhat amazed that in 1993 Flair Software would ship a game for
the C64 in the same box that would have housed the Amiga disks and

I haven't played the game on C64 or Amiga. I did try the emulator
but on each configuration with both normal and AGA I could not get
further than Disk 1. I probably have to rename the disk. The game
itself sounds and looks a lot like Oscar which was also made by
Flair. The game scored quite highly and was favourably received in

Still amazed as to why such a large games box was used in 1993 to
house such a small cassette for the C64. 

Trolls Flair Software - Giving me the run around.

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