ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2023

Entry 14th November 2023: Post 1: Flight of the Amazon Queen - Amiga.

Flight of the Amazon Queen - Amiga.

Following on from my recent blog regarding Tomb Raider and Prince
of Persia I was hopeful of featuring an Indiana Jones game. Sadly
from my perspective Indiana Jones games tended to be a little poor.
Fortunately there was one game that made up for that failure, albeit
not exactly of the tomb raiding genre. The game in question being
The Flight of the Amazon Queen.

1995 wasn't particularly littered with new blockbuster titles and
so when I picked up the January edition of CU Amiga you can imagine
my delight at the sight of a new big box Amiga game of epic size.

The game took a good while to find it's way onto the shelves and
for some reason I never got round to playing it fully until April
of 2017. [ No joe'king ]

The game features Joe King a pilot who is tasked to fly Faye Russel
into the Amazon Forest. It is there that he encounters the warriors
of an Amazonian Temple and has to foil a mad scientist set on taking
over the world. The game is is set around 1949 and has that magical
adventure film feel of the Raiders series.

This was the creation of Binary Illusions and came on a whacking 11
disks, which did not disappoint. It scored very highly in the day
and was a successful game for the Amiga. One of the last greats.

I recall recounting my adventures on the Amiga Groups and I posted
a note on the very day I completed the game ...

ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2017
Entry 12th April 2017: Post: 1
In-flight Entertainment


I do so hate finishing a game. I have always enjoyed games where I can
put them down and pick them up when the mood takes me. I have so loved
playing Flight of the Amazon Queen. Some of the puzzles were were truly
crackers to solve. That is what made these games fun though, and the
endless walking from one place to another. Thing is , that is why I
enjoyed the first Tomb Raider games, having been brought up on Amiga
games like this. It just seemed to be the norm.

Suffice to say I finished the game and watched the end credits as the
airship flew out over the Amazon Jungle.

Need to fill that hole now.  I'll get back to you on that one.


Happy days.

Flight of the Amazon Queen - Amiga.

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