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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 1st October 2017: Post: 2

All else fails - hit the thang !!
Ok.. flush with my success with smacking the 2.5" drive into 
life I decided to put the same test to seven drives I have

I stripped down an A1200 that I use for
such things, removing the keyboard and
outer top cover and lined up seven drives
to smack with the blunt end of my screwdriver

Amazingly yet another Seagate sprang back into life
this time 1.5GB unit which was exciting

No monitor but I could see the drive light
going through the usual motions so I was
pretty confident she was alive

Hmmm.. the dreaded 3.1 ROMS again. Not
surprising as this was an Escom era machine

And there she is purring like a kitten

I got two errors on boot. The one relates
to the GVP being in WBStartup and not now
fitted to the machine. The other relates to
the ROM being later than the Virus Checker
Thanks to Amiga Org for that help

I moved the GVP into store. Nice to see
my DOpus so the installation was mine

Ishar 2 ... Happy memories. This drive was in
my first computer as the third drive I fitted
Predates the Blizzard and the SCSI kit so was
the main drive I used before external SCSI. It
has Miami on Dial-up plus YAM installed. Also has
all my DICE stuff. Plenty of games and lots to
back up now I have access.

I have installed a small accelerator 68020 with
modest RAM and am able to play all my old animations.
I would date the drive as 2006 and was probably
shunted to another machine when I moved over to SCSI
on external drives. No idea which computer would have
had this, but it was definitely not working

I had tried the old freezer trick on the drive
which didn't work. So if all else fails .. hit it

Time to give the computer a long overdue clean

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