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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 2nd October 2017: Post: 1

Power Packed

I kinda feel sad when I reflect on the fact that I wasn't part
of the early Commodore years of computing. Trust me it wasn't 
as though I hadn't tried. Back in the days of 1981 I was 
saving all my pennies to buy a VIC-20 only to lose all my
cash wining and dining a new girlfriend. She did let me have
her Spectrum 48K but hey... how things could have been different
as George Michael wrote when turning a different corner.

Anywhooo... the point of this thread is to celebrate the very
splendid art work of Commodore Format and particularly their
cassette covers. Over the years I kinda acquired quite a few
of the Power Pack cassettes and always marvelled at their
fantastic colour and imagery. So enticing as a cassette and
certainly something you pick up and admire.

I steadily build on the set and this is what I have to date. I 
am not a heavy collector. I simply pick ones up when I can add
to the collection. The colours are always knock out gorgeous
and the content is unbelievable considering it is a cassette

Commodore Format Power Pack ... covermounts

Power Packs 04-05

Power Packs 06-08

Power Packs 09-10

Power Packs 11-12

Power Packs 13-14

Power Packs 15-16

Power Packs 17-18

Power Packs 19-20

Power Packs 21-22

Power Packs 23-24

Power Packs 25a-25b

Power Packs 26-27a

Power Packs 27b-28

Power Packs 29-30

Power Packs 31-32

Power Packs 33-34

Power Packs 35-36

Power Packs 37-38

Power Packs 39-40

Power Packs 44-48

Power Packs 49-50

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