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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 6th October 2017: Post: 4

The elephants graveyard
Really feels like a fallen giant this machine. Been trapped behind
a table for the best part of ten years. Was given to me by a guy in
London and I guess in all the years the computer has been here I
have tried a couple of times to get it working. The base unit is an
Amiga 4000d and is fitted with Picasso IV and various other boards.
The processor appears to be an 040 and has three hard drives. One
I believe is SCSI. There is sound system and CDROM and the unit 
does fire up. 

I have managed to get all the way to the loading screen for the OS
but then it calls up a different screen res that I just don't seem
to be able to support. I have been unable to get the floppy to boot
into a disk based OS. 

I have given up twice now. The machine is unloved. I am not a great
tower fan in truth. They really don't appeal to me. The computer does
need some much overdue TLC.... if only to remove ten years of coffee
stain from the casing. I may have a go but sadly my heart just is
not into this challenge. Maybe... dunno.

I have a feeling the problem lies in the one ribbon I show in a 
latter image which should I believe be connected somewhere. Just have
to work this out. Anyway take a tour of this fallen Amiga if you wish.
She really is a very sad case.. literally.

The Ateo Concepts A4000 tower

The case has a sexy slide out tray which
lets you draw out all the cards in one go

Just a spare that I keep in the case

Powers up OK and the drives go round

Seriously mucky

That rogue ribbon that needs to go somewhere

Destined to stay hidden and unloved
The least I can do is clean off ten
years of dust and coffee stains

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