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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 9th October 2017: Post: 6

A1200 - The early years Part 1

Those that follow my posts will know a few days ago I recalled my
time prior to the A1200 when I was creating animations and using
video equipment to record my work. Enter the Amiga A1200 in the
November of 1993 and my world was about to change. Prior to this
date there was not a single Amiga in the house. For quite a few
years after that date there still was only one Amiga in the house
and she is still here.... and working.

Here is a snapshot of that world from the early nineties

I guess it all started with this magazine
from July 1993. I was really struggling at
the time and my Amstrad had all but bitten
the dust. I sat reading this magazine before
going to bed and studied the costs

I knew the computer was basically just the
start of the buying process. Little did
I know at the time just how expensive this
was going to get. And in a very short period

The cost of my A1200 549 October 1993

I put down 50 on a 1942 which never arrived
basically cus Commodore went bust

Cannon Bubblejet Printer 209

Microvitec Monitor 300

4MB RAM card nearly 100

4MB RAM card nearly 100

4MB RAM card nearly 100

VidiAmiga nearly 200

Bit later and an accelerator 300

GVP Turbo+

GVP Turbo+

GVP Turbo+

GVP Turbo+

GVP Turbo+

Bigger hard drive 326

My original 80MB has long since died

Power Computing XL Drive

Power Computing XL Drive

Power Computing XL Drive


Extended Warranty 40

It would be the new millennium before
I bought a replacement Amiga 1200 and
guess what... I never needed it

By that time the Blizzard had cometh

Money well spent.. She is still alive

Blizzard SCSI KIT and external drives

Larger 550MB internal 2.5"

Samsung flat screen which the BBC uses also

The XL drive still used for HD disks

The unit isn't that yellow. The tungsten light
and this crap camera makes everything yellow

And the Microvitec now feeds another 1200
and an Amiga 2000 with GVP 030

I really didn't want the Microvitec. I was
so unhappy about not getting the 1942

And that's the 2000 powering the monitor

Anyway.... there is more

Read on !!

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