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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 9th October 2017: Post: 7

A1200 - The early years Part 2
I can recall as if it were yesterday the day I drove into
Bournemouth and backed the old Mini into a tight space just
outside Lansdowne Computers. For that was the day I took
possession of my Amiga 1200 Desktop Dynamite box. The yellow
multicoloured box filled the back seat and I was most careful
driving home.

The computer was first connected to a small colour TV that
I had and I recall the Work and Workbench icons on the main
screen. That weekend I played Oscar and mucked around in
DPaint. To think that I just had a dozen or so disks and 
about to off down the adventure of a lifetime.

To think this was probably my first disk
and now I have over 13000 of the things

Using DPaint and animation made me realise
just how valuable the floppy was going to be

And so by the Monday I was back down the computer
shop to buy myself some more boxes.

Soon I was into my first disk box

Filled that in no time at all

Not simply with software and PD but also
cover disks and back up copies of my work

That first Christmas I set aside three games
to play and I have to say I literally never
stopped playing them. I had started to drop
ever deeper down the rabbit hole.

First game I played was Terminator 2

Next on the list was Ishar 2 and the
Messengers of Doom

And thirdly Sensible Soccer... Classic

The game just seemed to be endless

And with hard drive install I needed
only to click the icon on the screen
The Amiga became a home, a place to store
all my favourite things and to be able to
access them at the click of the mouse

Ishar was my very first real story type
adventure that let me save and pick up
where I was for my daily intake. This became
a pattern of behaviour for months, where I
would work and do other things on the Amiga
and then simply load the game and carry on
usually till I got stuck.

In those days there was a telephone help line
you could ring to get help if in real trouble

I eventually bought the help guide

Games manuals were a real joy in those days

Sensible Soccer became a joystick killer
and at 10 a pop started to become quite
expensive. The Quickshot were the best but
sadly none of them lasted.

Lots of games were still disk based and I guess
I never bothered much about the disk swapping

Disks were your lifeblood into the system
With no internet and no community to tap
into they really were your only source of
supply to feed the computer

The only real way to expand the supply was
to visit the computer store and purchase
more software. Or to buy from magazine articles

Much of what I acquired was through reading
articles in magazines and trying out the
software and then eventually buying it

I lived by the magazine and bought as many
as I could afford. Just to get the software

And the games

Let's not forget the games. This little
collection still sits by my computer as
my most cherished and loved cover games

So from that first magazine I was hooked

From my very first Desktop Dynamite

To a magical world of possibilities
And I am still living the Amiga dream
Still crazy after all these years

I do believe she will outlive me

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