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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 18th October 2017: Post: 1

Amstrad RSX-LIB
Just received Amstrad Action Pack Tape 9 featuring the very wonderful 
RSX-Lib including RSX routines from Smogware Systems.

For this you will need to know the command 'Shift + AT' as in the 'at' 
symbol for email [ I am unable to enter the symbol in html as it will 
be interpreted as an actionable email ]

RSX extend the command set of Locomotive BASIC, i.e. for accessing 
external peripheral devices such as disk drives, light pens, 
synthesizers etc.

RSX commands are distinguished by the preceding pipe symbol "|" 
( "RSX bar", "RSX pipe" and "RSX slash").

These provide some of the best RSX commands provided by AMSDOS, 
present on all CPC664, CPC6128, CPC6128+ and CPC464 with DDI-1:

Makes drive A: the current work drive

Makes drive B: the current work drive

Starts CP/M (or other systems) from a system disk

Switches back to disk drive use after |TAPE

Makes the CPC use the tape recorder for file access

See AMSDOS RSX commands for AMSDOS.

RSX command extensions can be implemented through ROMs 
(i.e. AMSDOS and other disk operating systems). They
can also be implemented by programs.

;; This program provides the framework for the installation of a Resident System
;; Extension (an RSX).
;; An RSX is a command which is accessed from basic by prexifing the command
;; with the '|' symbol.
;; e.g. An RSX could provide a "MEMEDIT" command, which allows the user
;; to edit the RAM contents. It would be accessed from BASIC by typing:
;; This program shows how an RSX is set up. You are free to use this 
;; example code to create your own RSX's.
;; Kevin Thacker 1993

Read ... Rsx - Anatomy Of An Rsx - Part 1|Amstrad Action) by David Holmes.

[ quote ]

One of the most powerful features of the Amstrad CPC is its ability 
to develop Resident System Extensions (RSXs), machine code routines 
which can be installed in the memory and then used and handled as 
BASIC commands.

It is possible to write simple routines which add to or modify the 
existing commands supplied in the BASIC interpreter or to create 
sophisticated systems which can be accessed easily from within a 
BASIC program.

Quite professional results can be obtained with very simple code 
which can then be developed as the programmer's expertise increases.

The major advantages of the RSX over CALLing machine code routines 
are the error checking on the command name done by BASIC and the 
increased readability of programs using RSXs.

[ end quote ]

See also .

And ...

BIOS Kernel RSX Functions (Resident System Extensions)

Installing RSX Functions (defined in Expansion ROM or in RAM)

Using RSX Functions

Executing RSX Functions in Machine Code

Executing RSX Functions in BASIC

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