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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 19th October 2017: Post: 1

Commodore 64 - Double Cassette Games

Almost done with the cassette review on the Commodore 64. Just 
have the boxed games that I own put under the scanner. For now
though, here are the double cassette games that are obviously
larger cassette cases than the normal

6-Pack and 1943

Ace 2 and Buggy Boy

Basil the Great Mouse Detective and Bubble-Bobble

Beyond the Ice Palace and Computer Hits 3

Combat School and Cybernoid II

Camelot Warriors and Days of Thunder

Best of Elite and Ferrari Formula One

Flunky and Foxx Fights Back

Four Great Games and Fire Track

Gunboat and Garfield

HardBall and Hellfire Attack

Hot Shots and James Bond Living Daylights

Konami Coin Op Hits and Kick Off 2

Kwah and Kennedy Approach

Mini Golf and Marble Madness

Now Games 4 and New Zealand Story

OutRun and Pub Games

Pegasus and PacMania

Que Dex and Rambo III

Road Blasters and Star Wars

Silk Worm and Six Shooter

Superstar Ping Pong and Solomons Key

Spin Dizzy and Summer Games II

Thunder Blade and Test Drive

Turbo Outrun and Vindicator

Championship Wrestling and Wiz

X-29 Fighter Mission and Dragon Ninja

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