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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 20th October 2017: Post: 1

More power to the Z88

Dug out the power supply for the Cambridge Computers Z88. Also stuck
in four batteries and like magic she sprang to life. Have been
monitoring the computer all day and she is maintaining the date and
time so looking good.

The unit has BBC BASIC on it and saves to ROM. There is an EPROM card
that you can fit to slot 3 which will store files. I have experimented
with leaving the computer without power and batteries and the ROM
holds the files for quite a while without power.

Interesting little computer, albeit with a very small and dimly lit
display. I would guess that in its time it was very useful. Also very
mobile and great for just putting down and picking up again. A worthy
addition to my assembled computers that I will keep active each day.
Great for practicing my BBC BASIC.

The computer already has the memory slot filled with 128K RAM and I 
will source an EPROM when I get the mood to do so.

Handy lightweight Cambridge Z88 fully active

The view can be adjusted and does look brighter
than has photographed here

Holding the correct date and time with no issue

Files held in ROM using the FILER but can be
stored on an EPROM card in slot 3.

The power supply for the Z88

Slot 1 already loaded with a 128K RAM card

Similar to the Amstrad Notepad which I plan
next to bring into active service

Like the CPC style coloured buttons

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