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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 21st October 2017: Post: 1

What's in that big box ?

Even for me not knowing what was in a large box is going some. And
yet I stood there having cleared up in the store room scratching
my head as to what was in the large box supporting the A1000s.
Thing is that earlier this year I disposed of so many boxes and 
this unmarked box suddenly became a big mystery. And so today I
set about uncovering the contents. First though I needed to move 
a few things.

Be aware that this year has primarily been a refresher to me after
eight or so years re-recording what I have and putting items in 
like for like batches. Part of this is a photographic exercise.
The records are placed here on the website... so hopefully I don't
forget again....... That's a laugh.

So what is in that big box at the bottom

A very large box at that

To get at it I need to move a few things

A MultiMedia Expansion .. no less

The Piccolo - Nice card

A CD32 - Interesting been looking for that

My cardboard Amiga 1200

I use this to test stuff. Like the Apollo

Keyboard adaptor

Scandoubler-Flicker thingy so I can use a trad monitor

Mouse port sitting on the ROMS - 3.0

Buffered Interface plus gender changers

Technically my 27th A1200 as she works just fine
' Right out of the box !! '

First of the Cartoon Classics boxes

Sticky notes telling me Colin was here

An A500 with clock module and new battery - 2003

The second of the Cartoon Classics. Watch out
with these boxes as they have an annoying tab
on the very underside of the box.

This time the real deal and an Amiga A500Plus

And not too badly discoloured

The story goes that folk who bought the A500 that
Christmas were actually shipped with an A500Plus
Hence the note telling users about the RAM upgrade
Shame they didn't tell everyone about the perils of
the battery they had just fitted also.

Eight inch floppy disks. Amusing this keeps
cropping up. Need to find a good home.

The first of the boxed Amiga 1000s

All complete with disks etc

Second of the Amiga 1000s and this all the way
from across the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazing that this box found its way here covered only
in a single layer of bubble wrap.

Packed upside down for some reason

I have four boxed Amiga 1000s. This one on
a shelf in a more typical Commodore box

Ok I am at the big box in question

First though a bit of recording while I
am here. Orange Dreamcast import from Japan
with image of the managing director on the
box. Also a boxed Atari 7800

XBOX 360 which I never used really. I do hate
Windows Live and the PS3 was far more user friendly

NEC TurbograFX and Opal Vision Card

Panasonic FZ-1 - NeoGeo - Cybergraphics
Multiface - Picasso II - Dreamcast Keyboard

PS1 - C64GS and a WOODY Atari

Commodore 1500 sitting on another 1500

Well I never !!!!

It's a bloody Commodore CDTV

And there was me getting all excited

Probably why I couldn't remember. Not a fan

There are bits and pieces and various other
CDTVs sprinkled around the place

You just have to look a little harder

Not a mystery then. Just a CDTV Puzzle
Thankfully solved. I can forget about it now

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