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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 21st October 2017: Post: 2

Ami-Kit Disks

One of the positive things to have come out of digging through
the boxes to uncover the CDTV was a small stash of disks that I
found within the Cartoon Classics box with the A500 inside. On
the face of it they looked like Workbench disks but a closer look
revealed some hidden goodies ...

Disks labelled AmiKit - Got me interested

Missile Command - Know it well !!

The Druids and some 'iffy' copy disk software

AmiKit 2 and this was a blast

You could muck around with the animation
of this robotic arm and then watch the
run through as an animation

Loads of silly utilities like this magnifying glass

Auto-Router for the known galaxy... And beyond

A load of old ROT that let you draw
items in 3D.. Quite amusing

Just an interesting collection of utilities
and applications for the A500 which I am sure
kept someone very amused in the day. A great
batch of disks that need to be tagged and kept
together as part of the bundle.

Times like this I miss winning obscure bundles on
Ebay. Very often a computer would come with disks
The A500 was the best cus you really never knew
what you would find when you opened up the case.
It just would not happen today cus sellers know
what they have and strip out everything. ...

Those were the days.

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