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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 22nd October 2017: Post: 2

In-Flight Gaming

I have to say I have never really understood the fascination in
flight simulators. I have tried and failed and just gave up. I do
struggle with the level of controls needed to manage one of these
games and just cannot hold that much information in my head. By
the time I have studied the reference card the plane will have
invariably crashed. At that point I would give up. I always end
up like Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang driving his simulated car into
the pet store... that would be me.

Anyway, these games are heavy to the extreme. I can never really
understand how games makers got their hands on Russian military
aeroplane control data. Interesting.

Have fun.

Loads of flight simulation games on the PC

First up Harrier Jump Jet

The games box art

Fly a Harrier GR7 or AV-88

.... over Hong Kong

.... over The Falkland Islands

.... over Nordkapp.. Where ??

Incredible that it came on just three disks

And now you lost me ...

Way too much too remember

Me I'm a three button gamer... max

This plane don't jump... m'kay.

OK.. Don't tell the Russians that
one of their planes is missing. It
just crashed into Glendale Galleria courtesy
of Sheldon Cooper .. here

First problem designing this game was
penetrating Russian security and obtaining
the plans of their fighter. Seems that we
kinda avoided the whole spying thing by simply
maybe just asking for the info so we could make
the flight simulator. Dunno.

And all this on just two disks

or three 5.25" disks... All the latest technology being used here

That all important map

And technical manual which also comes in Italian

Installation guide

The control system...

And a useful handy guide to all the
other top secret military hardware that
is available only to gamers. But seriously
don't tell anyone about the kit. Its a secret ... OK

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