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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 23rd October 2017: Post: 1

Hard times for the A1200

Those who have been following my work with the rejuvenating of
three Amiga 1200 2.5" hard drives know that having bashed these
drives [ literally ] back into service I have had the A1200s
on test for a few days to check all is fine. Happily all three
machines are working without fault and are at this moment clicking
away behind me, accompanied by the gentle whir of the drives.

So it is time to put these babies to bed. But before I do I thought
I would record the tree of the drive that was not of my creation.
This way I can remember just what was on the drive before putting
the A1200 away. The other two 1200s appear to have installations
that I undertook and the contents look like my work.

And so the following is a tree of the drives just for my records.

I set up the Samsung again for picture services

Amiga 1200 number 2 and the 3.5 install

Amiga 1200 number 3 and simply checking the drive partitions

My DOpus config so the drive is my creation
No real need to record anything else

Time to put these Amigas to bed

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