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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 23rd October 2017: Post: 2

On the tiles !!

Talk about frustrating. I uncovered this Shanghai game for the PC
by Activision and when I did my research I discovered an Amiga 
version of the game that I had been playing at some time over
the last few weeks. But where ? And which game ? And so the hunt
was on for the game .... I do like a challenge.

First up the boxed PC game by Activision
The game is on CD ROM and for Windows95

The game is part of the Essentials Collection

None of these games are the one I was playing

First I dug out some likely candidates from
bottomless pit that is the PD collection

First up is a game called Tiles Version 2

Similar but a little crude in design

Maybe an earlier version. I keep looking

Has the right name ... so fingers crossed

Sadly not. Maybe a later version.

Dragon Tiles... definitely not the one

Great game this

Do never start playing this game ...
You will never stop. Trust me

OK I found the very first version of that
first set of tiles that I found

That's not tiles. That's Battleships. Hmmm
STOP... stay focussed. Tiles !!!

K L O N D I K E !!!!!! Never mind

What do we have here

Skweek and 99 levels to play

This looks fun

Ok time to take a break as I have run out
of tiles. Time for a bit of fishing

Reel Fish'n no less

OK sets my fishing challenge

Finds a suitable lake from the map

Visits the tackle shop

Starts fishing .. already bored

OK another fishing game. This time ' Gone Fishing '

It's the same stupid game. Different title

Time for some serious gaming and something
I am very very good at... Come'on Thomas !!

Bugga !!

Back to the TILES challenge

Looks promising

Sadly not

OK ... my last throw of the dice

Yet another AMOS version

Not sure that's the way you spell it, but hey

WELL I NEVER.. That's the bloody game
Seriously never thought I would find it

See yah !!

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