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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 24th October 2017: Post: 3

What the doctor ordered .. or not. Dr DOS

I often travelled with a client to various parts of the country
and whenever we got onto the subject of computers he would rant
on about how Microsoft pilfered Dr DOS from the company that a
good friend of his worked for. That company was Novell. I never
really understood the goings on, but I am aware of the fun and
games that went on between Digital and Microsoft. What the truth
is I guess we will never know. Suffice to say there really was
only going to be one winner in the end... and that would be the
company with the biggest resources to fight their corner. 

DR DOS, without hyphen up to and including version 6.0. Developed
originally by Gary Kildall at Digital Research. The OS basically
grew out of CP/M-86. That much loved of all OSs.

DR DOS 6.0 code named ' Buxton ' was released at around the same
time as Microsofts MS-DOS 5.0 which included many of the advanced
features of Dr DOS.

In July 1991 Novell bought Digital Research though still retained
the name for release of the product.

The issue with the OS was that MS moved to make their own DOS run
with Windows 95. The matter became the subject of a lengthy law
suit which was finally settled out of court. This is where the clout
of resources has always worked in MS favour who basically appear
to do what they like, or seem to, and then fight the consequences
after. In the world of computing timing is everything and MS just
moved much quicker than anyone else. By the time issues were resolved
MS had already moved on, gobbled up more technology and no doubt
infringed on various copyright issues, but resolved them as they
progressed. Bit like Pac-Man.

This is why my colleague got angry, cus he believed the product was
superior but rendered helpless under the actions of MS. As I say I
just don't know what really went down, but MS-DOS was the keymaker
in the end that unlocked the world of the PC to MS and Dr DOS just
got left behind. 

You can read more here ... Make your own mind up.

I should say that I really know very little about this subject.

Anyway just listening to Travelling Wilburys and Dylans line ..
"In Jersey anything's legal as long as you don't get caught" Classic.

This is a very heavy box .. literally

Dr DOS 6.0... last version without the hyphen

Dr DOS 6.0 Release Notes

Dr DOS 6.0 Release Notes

Dr DOS 6.0 Release Notes

Dr DOS 6.0 Release Notes

Dr DOS 6.0 Disks

Seriously... I'm not going to scan a
600 page manual here. Go fish

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