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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 26th October 2017: Post: 3

Microsoft Multiplan for the Commodore 64

I am not here to educate on the use of Microsoft's Multiplan for
the Commodore 64. There are plenty of guides and technical pages
on the internet regarding the software. The point I will make and
I will be brief is that this was Microsoft providing software for
the Commodore 64. Not lightweight software, but for its time a 
true business package for a more than capable computer.

The size of the technical folder speaks volumes in respect of the
significance of the product and the computer using it.

And the point... Version 1.06 is dated 1981,83. At this time the
company of Commodore stood head and shoulders above the rest. And
yet in just ten years it would collapse. Yet Microsoft just grew
and grew and became the giant we know today. How things could
and should have been different. 

Microsoft Multiplan Folder

A large business package for a
small but powerful computer

And truly a heavy read

C64C running on a 1704 with a 1541-II

To start you create a work disk for data

Starts by formatting the disk

Copies MP.SYS and MP.HLP Each disk
has a unique ID given to it

You then run the software

Finally enter the business end of
the ' Electronic Worksheet '

Designed for the UK for
Commodore 64

Getting started

Finalising the copy

Microsoft Multiplan

Microsoft Multiplan

Microsoft Multiplan Preface

The Disk

Microsoft Multiplan Reference Card

How to start and end a session

Microsoft Multiplan Main Screen

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