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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 27th October 2017: Post: 1

B O O K S - Manuals [ Preliminary version v1.0 ]

This is going to be a tricky challenge given that my books are like
everywhere. They are sprinkled around all over the place. Kinda a
difficult task in truth as the books are in boxes, tubs and even in
computer box sets. Like so many things here I guess it will be 
useful knowing what books I have. Being able to retrieve one is a
bigger challenge as I have no way of referencing their location.

At some point I need to list all the magazines. That probably will
be the biggest of my challenges as I literally have hundreds and
hundreds stacked up. I dunno.. bloody paper, who needs it.

And so the great book cataloguing begins. I like books.


128 Machine Language For Beginners - Richard Mansfield


Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 - M M Novak Adventures Und Wei Man Sie Programmiert - Walkowiak


Cheatmode II - Amstrad Action Cobol - Programming - J M Triance Commodore 128 Peeks and Pokes - Unlock the Secrets of the 128 - Abacus Software Commodore 128 Programming Secrets - Osborne McGraw-Hill Commodore 1531 Datassette Users Guide - Commodore Commodore 3+1 Software Manual - Commodore Commodore Modem 1200 Users Manual - Commodore Commodore MPS-803 Dot Matrix Printer - Commodore Computers


Lerne BASIC Mit Dem Commodore 116/16/Plus 4 - Kurt Scharnbacher


Monitor 1940/42 Users Guide - Commodore


PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide - Second Edition - Adam Osborne - Carroll S Donahue


Q BASIC The Language of DOS - Mike James


Super 81 Utilities - Free Spririt Software [ 1581 Disk Drive and C128 Computer ]


VIC20 Presentation Programs Users Manual - Commodore


Working Commodore 16 [ The ] - Essential Routines and Applications - David Lawrence OK .. that is just the start. Now the work begins.

Commodore 128 Peeks and Pokes

PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide

Adventures - Und Wie Man Sie Programmiert

The Working Commodore 16

Commodore 128 Programming Secrets

Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128

128 Machine Language for Beginners

128 Machine Language for Beginners

128 Machine Language for Beginners

128 Machine Language for Beginners

128 Machine Language for Beginners

Software Manual 3+1

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