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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2017

Entry 28th October 2017: Post: 1

KCS - PowerPC Board - Install

Having uploaded all the various information on the KCS PowerPC
board I decided it was time to have a go for real. I have had no
success with this board on the Checkmate so I decided to use a
standard A500 for the exercise.

[ Be aware that no Amigas were harmed in the making of this guide ]

First I needed to copy my Workbench 1.3 disk

Workbench 1.3 disk copied

Only one of the 5 disks you get with the KCS
pack is recognised by the Amiga. And so it is
time to copy the KCS PowerPC Board Amiga disk

And so I copy the KCS disk. In each case I
work with copies of all the disks

Job done and copy renamed

Time to install the board

Which goes into the slot this way round

Using the copied version of Workbench
I rebooted the system

If successful there should be nearly 900Kbyte
of memory... which there was

I edited the Workbench to make some space
and removed NOTEPAD

OK time to add the hardware clock and the
RAMDisk to the Workbench disk

To do this boot with the Amiga PowerPC disk
but keep the left mouse button down

First set the language

And then install the components needed

Checking the disk we see that it has been
updated with the KCS information. Sadly the
battery has long since expired

And now I have the KCSRAM disk available

OK Time to start the emulator. So insert
the KCS PowerPC Board Amiga and reset the

Then at the disk prompt insert the KCS
PowerPC Board DOS disk

The Amiga becomes a MS-DOS PC/XT
Time to copy those DOS disks and
the main KCS DOS disk..

So DISKCOPY A: B: and got through the
swapping the disks out with four blank
Amiga DD disks. At the end of each of
the copies it will ask if you want to
copy another disk. Once complete put away
the original disks.

And then finally insert the MS-DOS
Disk 1 Install and [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DELETE]
all at the same time

Then exit the program as PCs are boring

That was that. You can then configure
the emulator to work on your Amiga but
seriously I have PCs that work better
Just wanted to see if the card worked

I was tempted to go further but try as I
might I could not get this crap camera to
take pictures of white writing on a black
background so I gave up. Never mind.

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