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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2018

Entry October 2018: Post 01: I have been mostly

Journal .. Updated

I had decided to take a rest from the photography. I do have a very
large collection of images on the site and from the simple index you
should be able to find something related to your interest.

The aim was to simply log my activities here and then maybe sprinkle
some images in if necessary.... Didn't work !!!

This week I have been backing up the GVP030 A2000 and have finally
managed to Parnet across all the files. I then built up a series of
ZIP disks of the files.

Sadly, quite a large number of files threw up a checksum error which
basically results in a zero showing in the file size. And so I then
set about listing them all out and finding the corresponding files
from the collection. This meant I had to build up the following ..

Art School, ImageFX, VideoStage from the Software

Bomb, Bombmania, Noddy, SuperfoulEgg, Galaga from the games.

Unable to restore ... Junior Essentials as I cannot establish what it is.

Galaga is still missing MuchMore size 24160 and SetPatch size 13484.

I then ventured off to looking into certain games and have purchased
Noddy's Big Adventure to fill in a space that was missing.

I re-stationed one of my large shelf units filled with disc boxes so I
can better access files for games and the like. This little exercise through
up a weakness in my filing system and I have addressed that now.


Its been a games week in truth. I have been putting together a little
collection of games to play on the A500. This was prompted by a request
for John Madden American Football. I have the Hit Squad version so I
went on the Bay and got also the original version. That has now arrived.

I decided to put disks, manuals and box back together on a number of
games and had planned to do a feature. I now am simply having a blast
playing the games.... And these are.

Microprose Soccer, Rick Dangerous, Xenon 2, RType II, ST Dragon
CarvUp [ plus new levels ], Mean 18, Spy vs Spy [ Island Capers ]
John Madden American Football, Noddy's Playtime, StripPot and
Maximum Action Xtra ...Turrican II, ST Dragon, SWIV and Night Shift.

Took me a while to put together the MAX US Gold full package but did it.

I also put back together my three full boxes of SIMCITY the original
with the terrain editors , cities and architecture.


Back to Heddley and version 1.20b which required GUIFront which I obtained
from Aminet. Took the opportunity to burn a CD of LHA files and spent a
good while with the A4000d de-crunching stuff.

Installed the later version of Heddley up here which is an AmigaGuide tool
together with GUIFront and have been mucking around with Documents.


Back to the disk table and the quite massive task of putting my stock of
disk cover disks into some level of order.

I have literally hundreds and hundreds of cover disks from various magazines
and they have gotten a little out of order. So I dragged them all onto
the bench and put them all in order. I have these towers of disks and
hopefully I can now find things quicker. My first challenge was to find
a copy of ATOM the game... and was successful, so seems to be working.


Finished my last page in the book Welcome to the Gyvx-STy||hT'o ... 

On that I too fell into a deep sleep. Who needs dreams
when you live them out each and every day.

Oh to sleep and dream of sheep.

I always get very sad when I finish a story and so I am already planning
my latest adventure with Clara Veiga. I guess the it will only be a matter
of days before I'm back into Chandraise Kingdom. This time a whole new
adventure as I have now completed the trilogy.

I have been looking again into the concepts of nothing and watching loads
of videos on YouTube featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson who is a fascinating
man. It is strange that that my ideas from an early age regarding the
multiverse and concepts of hidden dimensions appear to be surfacing in
research today. What they are missing is the linking of nothing with
something. They cannot throw off the shackles of human limitation. The
something can only be observed from the human mind in the place we know
as something. To see the nothing you have to escape... and that is what
I do with my books.

Anyway the next book sees the troop being chased by Clara's arch enemy ...
A creature who has been charged with destroying her and us all.

PLANS for the week:

Setting up a ZIP drive on an Amiga 2000 with a Series II card. I have been
advised on a bit of software called NewZipMount which I have obtained off
Aminet and will now set up a ZIP using 'gvpscsi.device' as advised.

For me the world of retro never ends. I just need to have a break from the
photography so I can concentrate better on what I'm doing. No doubt snap
the odd activity, though nothing structured.

Forget what I said.... Onward

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