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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2018

Entry 4th October 2018: Post 01: Noddy's Big Adventure

Noddy's Big Adventure

I was travelling to Stoke to pick up an Amiga 3000T when I was
diverted off the M6 to Willenhall and a fun packed afternoon
playing kids games on an Amiga 2000. The highlight was watching
these kids' faces light up as they hurtled around inside Noddy's
Big Adventure. I was gifted the 2000 by the family and whilst
I never had played the game again I do recall with some fondness
the warmth shown to me that day.

So when I was struggling to back up the failing hard drive on
the 2000 I was little upset at the loss of the games as they
had developed checksum errors. Not giving up on the games I
decided to hotfoot onto the Bay and was lucky enough to grab
a copy of Noddy's Big Adventure. I already had the other
game so not a problem rebuilding the hard drive contents.

I guess I am of an age where Noddy actually was a childhood
lovable character. I can't say I would find the games fun for
me now. But then they aren't really designed for guys of my
age. However I can imagine the games giving a whole load of
joy to kids in the day. Certainly worth storing safely as a
memory of different times.

Noddy on the Amiga

Whilst on Ebay I just couldn't resist buying
Thomas the Tank Engine... What a hoot.

I'm regressing in my old age.

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