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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2018

Entry 10th October 2018: Post 01: Dragon's Lair

Saving the game
It's a tricky business making a copy of my disks to store safely
here, just in case anything was to happen to the original. And
having procured a few games I thought I would make the copies
and place in safe storage on disk, hard drive, ZIP and CD. That way
I cover most of my bases. And before you ask, sorry the disks
are not available.

The following was done in rather a rush and with no tripod so
sorry for the shaky images. It tracks the quite lengthy process
of capturing the Amiga disk images and taking them all the way
through a process so that I can read those ADF files on a CD.
So I start with an Amiga and finish with a different one. I
think you will be surprised at just what is involved.

Here goes, and like I say I did this on the spur of the moment
so excuse the picture quality.

Dragon's Lair

OK first up fire up the A1200
and gather up the five original disks.

Using ADFBlitzer I read the disks to
a my 'acumastore' temp drawer.

Next I copy the files to a ZIP disk.

The ZIP is daisy chained through
an external SCSI drive.

The challenge is to get the ZIP
contents onto a USB stick.

First I transfer the ZIP files to a
Win98 machine with a ZIP drive.

Next I connect the Win98 machine to
an XP machine on my local network.

Please note that I have my own local
network of PCs but none are connected
to the internet. My Win7 and Win10
computers are not on the network and
are on Ethernet. There is no Wi-Fi. I am
very very careful about security and keep
the home network off the internet at all times.

Its just the way I am. Also the Win7 cannot
be infected across any network.

OK files are now on the XP machine
with the USB stick. I store Amiga
files on this computer.

Files are then copied to the USB stick
and to my Win7 machine.

I also keep a copy of all my Amiga
files in a massive repository called
CVinK on the Win7 machine.

Time to burn the files to CD.

The CD can then be used on the A4000d
and other Amigas with CD-Roms.

And the chain is complete and I have
ADF files of the games disks on the

A long route but the issue is that I
have to be able to copy files to a
PC and the quickest way is by use of
a ZIP disk. Lets me save in 100MB chunks.

I then need to be able to transfer to
USB stick. Takes very little time across
the network to one of my PCs with USB.

Once on the USB I can use the stick in
any computer with a burner. Including the
XP machine I transferred to. I just choose
to use the Win7 machine as I always keep
a copy of files up here for the Amiga.

Sadly modern computers do not have a
floppy drive so you need one of these.

Thomas the Tank Engine

I had this game arrive today so I do
the same process again. Actually takes
very little time.

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