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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2019

Entry 2nd October 2019: Post 01: Amiga 600HD - The saga day 2.

Amiga 600HD - The saga day 2.

As ever I sleep on things and then return to the crime scene to
try and unravel the ravelling. The problem was the floppy and I
wanted to have another go at getting it working. So I took the
thing apart again and cleaned thoroughly and mucked around with
those jumper settings. All to no avail as she refused to boot.

I hit another snag whilst cleaning the motherboard as there is
one of the pins missing from the IDE connector. I am starting
to fear the worse for this computer. I have so many A600s and I
can never remember testing this machine. They were never my
most favourite given that I always viewed them as a poor mans
Amiga 1200.

I found the original hard drive for one of my other 600s and
connected up. Note that the cradle for the 600 has smaller feet
than the Amiga 1200. The drive spins up but refuses to boot. The
external floppy and internal floppy will boot from the cold.

This has left me in a bit of a quandary as I now am very unsure
of using this computer for the hard drive that is on the way. And
so tomorrow I am climbing the boxes to drag down another A600HD
I have that is in a box. I can't recall if the drive is working.

More on that tomorrow.


Busted hard drive - Busted hard drive and floppy boots

Busted hard drive and external floppy boots

Amiga 600HD - The saga day 2.

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