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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2019

Entry 4th October 2019: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - The salvage yard.

Amiga 1200 - The salvage yard.

In the early 2000s I couldn't believe my luck with Ebay cus many
many people were offloading their kit for next to nothing. My
collecting started in the early years out of fear of my main Amiga
falling over so I gathered monitors, computers and peripherals to
ensure that I always had a working Amiga 1200.

When Ebay arrived I would scan the auctions over the lunch breaks
at work and put bids in for junk 1200s that were being sold for a
few quid. I was amazed at how many I won. The aim was to basically
salvage the various parts and make a good one out of several bad
ones. The process was very successful. I then moved onto all the
Amiga models and did the same. That is why I have so many Amigas.
I seriously purchased Amiga 1200s for as little as 10.

Over the years I have kinda whittled the bad ones down to just three
or four Amiga 1200s and they stand against my Dreamcast shelf by
the side of me here. They have a variety of issues from keyboard
failure to floppy problems and display issues. So when I had the
problem with the A600HD I decided to fit the hard drive that I
recently acquired to an A1200 with a dodgy keyboard and a display
problem. She works fine generally. There is also an issue with the
floppy drive insomuch I can't extract the disk without a pair of
pliers. This suggests the board has been mucked around with and
possibly the motherboard removed and not put back properly. I
need to strip the computer down but who has the time.

So I stuck the drive in and tried to format the drive and install
WB 3.0. First problem was that the drive killed the computer. I
was getting no power to the computer. I simply flipped over the
ribbon and all was OK. No idea what the problem was. Same ribbon
just flipped it over.

Next I got a problem with the CTRL key as in it's not working. I
can get round that one but it kinda made me nervous. This computer
was bust when it landed here and I have no idea just what the issues
were. The bigger problem is the failure on the colour to the grey
on the screen which appears slightly green. It is on its way to blue.
I did a blog a few days ago about a similar A1200. Not much I can
do short of replacing the chip and that is beyond me.

So I formatted the drive to total volume capacity under the 4GB
level and all went according to plan and I was able to Quick Format
which I wasn't able to do on the 600. I named the partitions after
the three main characters in my latest book with the main protagonist
Shohoh the renamed computer name also.

I have elevated the computer to a level shelf now where she can be
tested for drive operation. I have tagged the computer for a full
strip out to get over the floppy problem. But not today.

It's what I do... every single day.

Amiga 1200 - The salvage yard.

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