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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2019

Entry 5th October 2019: Post 02: Amiga 600HD - No capicity for concern.

Amiga 600HD - No capicity for concern.

I had no intention from my efforts yesterday of dragging the 600HD
back onto the bench. But a comment from someone of the forums made
me stop and think. The suggestion was that I had a couple of leaky
capacitors on the motherboard.

Anyhoo, as I lay reflecting on matters last night I decided today
to fully remove the motherboard from its case and examine the
board with close up photography. I even set up my own X-RAY test
area to shine light all the way through.

And what did I find... er nothing. I have scanned the whole board
and homed in on all those pesky capacitors and I can find nothing.
You do get a shadow when you gaze through the board but all you
are seeing is a blacked out area within the actual motherboard.

There are one or two dull connectors but nothing to trouble my
mind. And so I took the opportunity to have a go at that ribbon
slot and give it the old one two. Turns out there was no need.

If anyone sees any problems with the capacitors then please let
me know giving the capacitor number and I will go check again.

Amiga 600HD - No capicity for concern.

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