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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2019

Entry 10th October 2019: Post 01: A600HD - What's that echo?

A600HD - What's that echo?

Don't seem to be able to leave the A600HD alone. Quite an interesting
project with loads still to do. I did hit a bit of a snag the other
night with a rogue program somewhere calling up a Workbench volume.
In prep, and cus I guess I knew what the problem was I decided to
have another go at that busted key. I need the 'full stop'.

I do have two other keyboards but each of these has the square type
plungers and that is different to the one I have. Also the keyboard
membrane is different and the locating slots are in a different place.

I did remove a suitable key from an A1200 but the removing of the
existing membrane to insert the replacement plunger is a touch risky.
Also the screws in the back of the keyboard were locked tight and
near impossible to remove. In the end I decided to live with the
busted key as its only a 'full stop' which I use rarely. There is a high
risk when removing the membrane that the touch plates will come
away from the main membrane.

So what is going on with this error message. Very strange. I don't
really want to change the workbench2.0 name cus its called up in
other places. SnoopDOS would only work once booted so how do I detect
what is wrong.

I pulled out the DOS bible and appraised myself of the ECHO function
which when inserted at the beginning of the user-startup will list all
the loading activity of the hard drive. So I copied over my file
user-startup from Chant and checked out how I wrote the thing down.
Opening CED I then copy and pasted the line into the A600HD user-startup.

Then I booted the computer and like magic it halted at the incorrect
line in the user-startup. I then changed the Workbench to workbench2.0
and all worked fine. Not that I needed to bother as I couldn't get
AmigaGuide with the jpeg datatype working on this OS. Bummer.

I also checked my stock A600, which was the very first of my 600s
purchased in 1997, just to have a look at what the memory was with the
Workbench loaded. I wanted to compare with what I was getting with the
A601. I have tried to open the A601 to remove the battery but managed
last time to burn a hole in my thumb, so I gave up. Memory is quite
rare on the 600. An actual accelerator is like extinct.

The A600HD moves ever closer to being 'right as ninepence'. The floppy
drive does work, that is why I leave my Clara 3n21 tools in the drive.
She just wont boot from a warm boot. The broken key works actually
although the spare key I provided is loose and will fall out. Life
is always based on compromise and work-a-rounds. It is just a state
of mind. In truth we/me are/is the most easy variable to manipulate.
If you get my drift.

I'm looking at a LED on Ebay, quite expensive though.

A600HD - What's that echo?

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