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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2019

Entry 19th October 2019: Post 01: S C A L A - Climbing the ladder.

S C A L A - Climbing the ladder.

OK This is going to be a remarkably unhelpful blog. And the reason...
The server went down last night, and whilst I could have written
the text it would have been absent of images. So I present a less
informative version of yesterday's blog for today as I no longer
have the magazines, software and disks to hand.

SCALA is Norwegian for Ladder. The software developed for the
Amiga was a multimedia application which pretty much enabled the
user to link most multimedia devices. For my part I was never
really sure what it did as each time I tried to use it I kinda
sensed I needed to be in some kind of video recording studio with
midi devices, video editing software, cameras, sound recorders etc.
I do speak from a point of ignorance cus as quick as I fired the
thing up I kinda ended the program with a ' WTFWT ! '. If you get
my drift.

I was aware of the Toaster and how that manipulated video. I was
also aware of various titling software and GENLOCs that let you
overlay video with graphics and text plus fading, mixing and
linking / joining video. But something like this software that
proclaimed to be a full multimedia package appeared pretty
useless to me as I was never going to need to do that.

I always enjoyed paint packages, music sampling and animation
plus programming incorporating aspects of these, but as to the
creation of a multimedia project, even now I struggle to comprehend
just what that entails. This is not to take anything away from
SCALA which was incredibly popular and well used. It's just
that I didn't know how to and never really needed to anyway.

If you are interested then certainly have a read of some of the
articles and even get the cover disks and have a play. Like I say
I was going to fire this up last night and upload images but I
was denied by the server shut down and so the project just got
put back on the shelf along with all the mags and disks. It is
tricky for me leaving tubs open, disk boxes out and magazine
stacks unassembled with items laying all over the place. I do
have a life outside of the recording of the collection and so
it has to go back so I can , well er, eat and sleep etc.

Hopefully you can get to have a play and enjoy SCALA. It was
incredibly important to the Amiga and well publicized in its
day. The product was well made and heavily supported. Just a
shame I never got my head round it. Over the years I have gotten
quite a bit of the software, though I know there were many
other versions and revisions. Seems to need a dongle.

Anyhoo.. the server is back online now and I can start uploading
stuff again, so sadly that's today written off. Never mind. I
will back in the saddle tomorrow featuring Myst. All will become
more clear then and less foggy. Happy days. [ Sorry SCALA ].

S C A L A - Climbing the ladder.

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