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ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2019

Entry 20th October 2019: Post 01: S C A L A MM300 - CU Amiga.

S C A L A MM300 - CU Amiga.

SCALA was/is the brainchild of Jon Bohmer who founded ' Digital
Visjon' in 1987. The company was located in Brumunddal Norway.
The main purpose of the company was to create multimedia
software for the Amiga. This resulted in their first software
called InfoChannel 0.97L .. a catchy little title. The first to
use the software was cable companies and hotels.

This formed the basis of their revamped program called ' SCALA '
which initiated also the release of a number of multimedia

The name was the idea of Bohmer and Bjorn Rybakken and signifies
evidently scales in colours, tones and strangely the Milan opera.

Following the demise of Commodore the company expanded their
operations into the PC and MS DOS world with SCALA MM100. It won
an award in 1996 as the ' Best of Comdex '.

You can read more about the company in the Wiki entry online.

My understanding is that SCALA enhances the early video titling
and effects software by adding links to multimedia devices. Don't
quote me on it as I have never used the software. In my blog of
yesterday I had been hindered somewhat by a server failure but
today rescued the CU Amiga magazine from February 1996 featuring
SCALA MM300 on Cover CD 19 ... Video Effects, Multimedia,
Presentations and Interaction. See if you can get the magazine
and the CD cus it would be very useful.

To quote CU ' SCALA MM300 is an incredibly versatile multimedia
authoring system. It allows you to make visual presentations ,
slide-shows, video effects, video titling, interactive information
services and lots more if you put your mind to it. One of SCALA's
best aspects is its usability. Almost anyone can pick it up in
a matter of minutes and be banging out slick and professional
looking projects with ease. For the more technical user there's
also an ARexx port to allow automated processes to be set in motion'.

The software on the CD can be run straight from the CD or simply
dragged across to the hard drive on your Amiga. You can read much
of what is required from the images below. As ever just get the
magazine or use online facilities to obtain scans of the pages.

I have included the CU Guide on customising the CD contents also.

S C A L A MM300 - CU Amiga.

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