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Entry 1st October 2020: Post 1: Atari CX-2600-JR - Rainbow style.

Atari CX-2600-JR - Rainbow style.

I am not having much luck with power supplies of late. Today I let
an Atari power supply slip out my hand and slid the power selector
fully to the end. I'm thinking I'll check the little 2600 for the
power rating but sadly couldn't find anything on the case. So I
had to do a bit of digging. Turned out to be 9V. The power supply
isn't an Atari and so is not dedicated to the 2600.

The 2600Jr was the last of the Video Computer Systems to be released
by Atari. Codename 'Bonnie' she was the bi-product of the ill-fated
2600 Voice Commander Module designed in 1983 but which failed to
materialise. The small form factor was a concept idea that would
eventually become the CX-2600-JR some three years later.

The console has just one joystick port and one cartridge port. They
came in various case label designs, the one here I call 'Rainbow'.

I have only one complaint about these Atari games consoles and that
is they are just so boring to me. They always seem to work and kinda
remind me of the old TV game boxes that use to play PONG. There
is nothing wrong with the concept, just that I like computers with
keyboards. I do play this on odd occasions, but she gathers quite
a lot of dust these days. Quite sad given that she looks quite nice.

Atari CX-2600-JR - Rainbow style.

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