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Entry 3rd October 2020: Post 1: Amiga Computing - I can still recall.

Amiga Computing - I can still recall.

Quite incredible that after all these years I can still recall which
of the Amiga Computing magazines were ones that I actually bought
in the day. Not only that, I can remember why I purchased them. Time
was when you had a choice of several Amiga magazines. I rarely
bought all that was on offer and was a little more selective. Over the
years I have filled in the missing magazines. However in amongst
the many that I have are the originals that I purchased.

This last week I have been putting onto the emulator all my cover
disks of Amiga Computing, of which I have most. It brought into
sharp focus why at the latter end of 1994 Amiga Computing became
one of my most favoured magazines. It really did focus on the kinda
things I was most interested in.

And so here are the magazines I recall from those days and just why
I purchased them in the first place. You seriously never forget a
good read. Specially when it is about the Amiga.

Amiga Computing - I can still recall.

The magazine introduced me to Vidi-Amiga.

It also showed me the benefits of the
high density Power XL drive which I
subsequently purchased.

I recall reading the whole of this magazine
on a car park while I waited for someone.

Inside featured a classic icon editor.
Man was I bonkers for icon editors.

Kindwords as a freebie was too good to miss.

And then there was the review of Ishar 3.

I waisted no time buying the game.

The alarm bells went off when I saw Iconian.

Simply the best icon editor like ever.

Plus that review of Valhalla and
yet another game that I purchased.

Noisum, Atic Atac and Blitz... I just
couldn't wait to get this home.

The guides to Blitz were just so informative.

I had to buy this magazine twice.

Just to get two copies of TopGear2.
Still a big favourite even today.

EPIC PD and I became a regular customer.

Techno and SensiSoccer.

I bought the sampler and had so much fun.

CanDo was and still is always on my Amiga.

Personal Paint became a real favourite.

ArCHandler was brilliant at archiving
your hard drives so you could get like
a third more space out of them. They
worked as normal drives. So clever.

My goodness Final Data and MainActor.
Seriously magic software and well worn.

CygnusED has become my most used Amiga
Software next to DOpus. Don't know
where I would be without it.

FastView and DiskSalv to name but a few.


Lots of cover disk software I finished
up buying the whole thing.

OK this is my base 3.0 emulator I have
set up to take snapshots of stuff.

I have now started to load up year by
year all my cover disk. This drawer has
the Amiga Computing cover disks. On going.

Each drawer is in year order and then
with each cover disk inside.

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