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Entry 4th October 2020: Post 1: Amiga Action - Seven years in gameland.

Amiga Action - Seven years in gameland.

I was never a fan of the Amiga games magazines. They were always
covered in cover disks and simply provided games reviews. For me I
kinda spent my money on the more serious mags cus I got software.
Pretty much like film and music there are but a handful of truly
classic titles each year and I didn't need a magazine to work out
just what was successful or not. Sad really cus had I been more
interested I would have more of the magazines.

Take Amiga Action which although only running from 89 to 96 was
by and far the most successful. It closed its doors in December 96
and then merged with its sister publication Amiga Computing. Sadly
that magazine folded in September of the following year. When you
look at the slender pamphlets that magazines became in 1996 it is
hardly any wonder any survived.

The last copy of Amiga Action was a pretty sorry affair with very
few games reviewed and only one disk on the cover. The game Egor
in Toyland is seriously poor. I know it was thrown together pretty
quick but , sorry, it shows. I do have a copy and I tried it out
on the old emulator.

During the busy years you could always find Amiga Action fighting
along side Amiga One and Amiga Power. There really wasn't much
between them. Always very colourful with covers crammed with disks.
Kids would nick the disks from newsagents. What this resulted in
was covers heavily sellotaped which destroyed many of the covers.

I do have a good quantity of cover disks but to be honest I doubt
I ever play any of them. They just sit there unloved. In the end
a good game stands head and shoulders above the rest and so I
would always buy the full works. I could then spend my magazine
money of Amiga Computing.

Anyhoo .. here is the last edition plus some sprinklings of other
mags just to show the colourful covers. Amiga Action started with
numbering their disks and then gave up. So when you see Disk 3 on
an Amiga Action Cover disk do check cus they will all be different.
Very often you also needed disks one and two with the Amiga and
you can't copy the disks easily.

Amiga Action - Seven years in gameland.

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