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Entry 9th October 2020: Post 1: Amiga ImageFX - Paint Packages Continued.

Amiga ImageFX - Paint Packages Continued.
I was introduced to ImageFX via the CU Amiga cover disk. I have to
say I never gone on very well with it. I just struggle with block of
controls at the bottom of the screen. Especially when they obscure
so much of the image. I also had issue with the preview and render
status of images. I was so use to DPaint and having a true image
from the get-go.

I guess as a more professional package it really needed the faster
computer, better graphics options in terms of the card and screen
formats. Also maybe even a bigger monitor.

When I obtained the big box version I thought things may get a
little better. Sadly not. The installation throws up error messages
like confetti and SnoopDOS flags up fails on nearly everything. The
paint software opens but I struggle with the preview format and
the multitude of options. It really just is so much like hard work.
PPaint is a dream compared to this.

It's not like I am inexperienced at using computer drawing software.
In my capacity as an architect I used AutoCAD each and every day
along with PhotoShop. Learning how to use the interface is accepted.
The trouble with ImageFX is that I really just couldn't be that
bothered. It's not too hard to work your way into software, and
from a few base commands you should be image manipulating pretty
soon. With FX I just felt I needed a guided tour of how to set
the basic interface up just to see the thing I was working on.

I have the same problem with CanDo and I am convinced its having
the 'workings' for the software at the bottom of the screen.

Anyhoo, I am sure that there are those that found the software a
dream to use. I just don't happen to be one of those people. After
dipping my finger into a number of Amiga paint pots I still hold
to my view that DOpus, FastView, PPaint and VidiAmiga are the base
tools that you should consider. Maybe there are others that I didn't
try but so far I haven't found any that would change what I am use
to using.

Amiga ImageFX - Paint Packages Continued.

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