ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2020

Entry 11th October 2020: Post 1: Amiga Professional Draw and Professional Page.

Amiga Professional Draw and Professional Page.
This is the last of the art packages that I will be copying to ADF
and loading onto the emulator. To be honest I didn't try out the
software. I did also locate the companion software to this set.

Professional Draw is by the established Amiga software developer
Gold Disk. Inside the box there is also Professional Page which I
thought I was missing the first disks. Turns out the one disk is
incorrectly labelled and is indeed the ProPage first disk. Really
didn't matter as I have the boxed version of Professional Page
anyway. I copied them all to ADF and have them now on the PC.

Interestingly I do have the PC version of this software. It needed
a load more disks and a way bigger box. Time was all PC software
came in very large boxes with very large manuals and a sack full
of disks. Made the package look that more significant to buyers.

Anyhoo there you go I finished showing you the contents of my
arty boxes, as it were. In the end not very inspiring I have to
say. The art packages were important to some in the day but for
me I still wouldn't have swapped any for DPaint.

Amiga Professional Draw and Professional Page.

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