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Entry 12th October 2020: Post 1: Amiga 500 1.3 GVP finds new home.

Amiga 500 1.3 GVP finds new home.
Decided it was about time I copied my most favoured Workbench
installations to the emulator. I have already done the A1200 and
A600 and today it was time for the A500 with the GVP sidecar. I
copied the Workbench via Parnet and ZIP to PC and CD and from
there I created the ISO that I could use with the emulator.

I find with the emulator you have to take advantage of having
all the Workbench versions at your disposal to achieve what you
have with the real Amiga. There was no way I was going to emulate
a GVP sidecar, nor did I even try. But, I was able to use the
3.0ROM and the WB3.0 install disk to create the backdrop for the
A500 and then simply copy over the files and mimic the A500.

The whole process is made so much easier with the ready available
CD facility and access to a dummy folder on the Windows system.

I also like being able to switch ECS on and off to suit needs.
The whole process took quite a bit of time to set up, but after
I had created the Workbench it was just a hop skip and a jump to
getting all the files onto the computer. And she is all set up
and working very similar to the A500. Not as good, but certainly
a nice to have for taking screen shots.

Cus I used a base A500 WB disks to start with I have inverted
icons and the WB is on the left of the screen. I was loyal to
the original drive and maintained a 49MB hard drive capacity. All
that is left now is to get Elvira working. I have tried almost
every combination of Workbench but still can't get her working.

OK So that was my day with the A500 and GVP and now I can rest
easy that I have a kinda duplicate system to tinker with on the
emulator. Next stop is OS3.5 and 3.9 but that may take a while.

Happy days.

Amiga 500 1.3 GVP finds new home.

A big thank you to Parnet for
making all of this possible.

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