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Entry 13th October 2020: Post 1: MOS Technology 6502 - Home Computing Revolution.

MOS Technology 6502 - Home Computing Revolution.
It really is amazing just what an impact the 6502 had on the home
computing revolution. The chip was the creation of Chuck Peddle
and his team who produced a cost reduced version of what was the
Motorola 6800. When introduced it was the cheapest processor to
make and was quickly incorporated by the likes of Apple in their

The 6502 was the consequence of a law suit made by Motorola on
MOS in respect of the 6501. The more legally friendly 6502 was to
emerge and soon it was being tested on another creation by Chuck,
the KIM-1. Although the board was intended to be used by engineers
it soon found favour with a multitude of home computer enthusiasts.
In truth the KIM-1 and more particularly the 6502 can be seen as
instrumental in the fuelling of the home computing industry.

Many computers incorporated the 6502 and even today the chip is
still available albeit in a variable form.

Sadly last year we lost Chuck Peddle, who many view as a giant in
the field of computing. He left a legacy of marvellous machines that
still live on. I was rather surprised by the list produced by Wiki
of the computers that used the 6502 given that I have pretty much
all of them. And so I was collecting 6502 machines without knowing.
Some like the Apple II even print the processors name/number on the

Anyhoo here is the 6502, or should I say all those machines plus
extracts from a book I have for the chip.

MOS Technology 6502 - Home Computing Revolution.


Acorn Atom

Acorn Electron

Apple ][ EuroPlus

Atari 2600

Atari 7800

Atari 800

Atari Lynx

BBC Master System

BBC Micro

Commodore PET range


Commodore 64

Commodore 128

Nintendo Famicom





Chuck Peddle - Sadly missed.

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