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Entry 15th October 2020: Post 1: PlusBench - Amiga A500Plus homemade WB.

PlusBench - Amiga A500Plus homemade WB.

Day two of my home-made Workbench adventure. Yesterday I used old
junked disks to salvage basic Workbench files. Today I focussed on
the very short era of the Amiga 500Plus and grabbed a years worth
of cover disks for Amiga Format, CU Amiga and Amiga Computing and
set too using just their contents to create my very own PlusBench.

I have to say it was made all the easier for using the very brilliant
SID 2 as the base for collecting files. Not only does it come with
a file management interface but also boots into its own Workbench
and loads a CLI ... to-boot. Just magic.

The process was most enjoyable and allowed me to go through older
cover disks and peruse the content. I was most intrigued by a
couple of disks with MS-DOS PC disk readers which I will study
further tomorrow.

And so I was able to create a much more polished version of Workbench
and even customised the look and colours etc. I had to be very
selective about what files I used as I restricted myself to just
the one disk. I guess I could expand this at some time. For now I
have a working A500Plus Workbench using disks of the 1992 era.

One interesting point is that both Amiga Computing and CU Amiga
moved over to the A500Plus style of drawers and windows almost on
the stroke of Midnight Jan 1992. Whereas Amiga Format took a good
six months to ditch the older Workbench 1.3 style. Odd that.

I am guessing that as these versions of Workbench are not the
official WB versions and use files that were distributed with
many Amiga programs and games they could be distributed to help
those that do not have official Workbench disks. Just to get them
going as it were. I may start and place the disks for download
on the website.

PlusBench - Amiga A500Plus homemade WB.

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