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Entry 17th October 2020: Post 1: Don't smack the PC.

Don't smack the PC.

I had such a perfect day yesterday with the A500Plus. Everything
went according to plan and the computer was just a dream to use.

Sadly not the case with the tin box PC running Windows 98. I was
struggling so much with the mouse. I couldn't resize windows or
move them without stuttering and stopping. Really started to get
to me as I wanted to complete what I was doing on the Amiga.

Anyhoo... I got a touch frustrated and did the unthinkable I gave
the computer a bash in the side. WHOOPS ! She froze immediately
and the mouse locked up. I rebooted but all I got was a black
screen. Not good.

The computer may only be an AMD Duron but she is my main PC that
is networked to the A1200 and transfers PC files to ZIP and USB.
I purchased the computer new in 2003 and cost me around 350 if
I recall. She isn't bad but occasionally she is taken to playing
up like this and I wasn't in the mood.

So today she was out on the bench. There is nothing to this machine.
So much room inside you could camp in there. I found the usual
spider living in the corner. I simply removed the memory SIMM and
then reseated and she booted first time, no problem. I replaced
a couple of metal covers from the card slots and changed the old
mouse. Cleaned her and set her back in her place in the workshop.

It's worth reflecting I guess that this kit is two decades old
now and so I probably need to treat it with a little more respect.

Or not ! Dunno.

Gave me the chance to play a little bit of Diablo II.

Don't smack the PC.

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