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Entry 19th October 2020: Post 1: K-RAM Computers Public Domain.

K-RAM Computers Public Domain.

Man am I tired of trying to get to the back of a small drawer I
have in the disk room. The drawer houses some quite useful PD disks
but sadly is behind the A590 PSU and A500 PSU plus a power stick.
I so wanted to go through my K-RAM disks to sift out some useful
tools for the PlusBench project but struggled opening the drawer.
Only one thing for it and that was to ADFBlitz the lot and put
the whole set onto CD.

I dragged the whole contents of the drawer onto the bench including
some Anglia, UK Aug, Five Star, 17-BiT and some assorted PD and
began cataloguing them and ADF copying everything. I am using  the
age old PD technique of logging stuff as games, demos, utilities and
creating subsections for bench, programming, AMOS, video etc.

I really enjoyed going through them all and found some really very
interesting disks plus one particular very old game. I have placed
the disks by the Amiga ready to filter out selected files for use
with the PlusBench. I then transferred the ADF files via my local
network to a couple of Windows 98 machines.

I decided to give Kasumi a run out following her session on the
bench. She had lost her network card in the bust up I had with her
the other day. I had to resurrect her original install box which
included all her install drivers and the Win98 disc. Days was you
couldn't update the TCP/IP settings without having the Win98 disc
on hand.

I named this computer after Kasumi from Dead or Alive. The computer
generally will reflect a name that relates to what I was doing in
the day. To be honest you don't want to be mixing it up with Kasumi.

This process is going to take a while. I managed today to only do
the ADF imaging of the K-RAM disks. I still have a few hundred disks
to go through and then the work with the PlusBench. So it will take
a few days.

I like to think that K-RAM had something to do with K-SEKA and K-Gadget.
I do have the catalogue and intend printing that here. Dunno.

For those that don't know Kasumi.. Here is her Wiki

K-RAM Computers Public Domain.

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