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Entry 20th October 2020: Post 1: Monkey Island - Strange coincidence.

Monkey Island - Strange coincidence.

OK so I am making some ADF files of my Monkey Island disks for both
the original game and Monkey Island 2 and I either have happened upon
the most strangest of coincidences or there are evil forces at work.

The first game is only four disk and that should have been an easy
task. Sadly one of the disks was struggling so I used the other set.

The main 11 disks for the second game were a little more tasking. All
was going well until I hit disk 9. Try as I might I could not copy
the disk. So I moved to my second set of disks, all originals. Well
blow me down disk 9 was faulty. Pulled out the back up and disk 9
was busted. Not surprising my ADF set on the 4000 threw up a problem
with disk 9.

And so I dug a little deeper and retrieved a copy of the game that I
have in a small disk box.... shock and horror disk 9 was missing.


OK Plan B. This never fails. I fired up my Amiga 1200 games disk and
also fired up DOpus. The first disk was still falling over. I then
copied the two files over and over... and then suddenly the file did
copy over. Same size and everything. I quickly made a back up and then
rebuilt all the other disks. I even replaced the missing one. When I
checked the first faulty disk having retrieved the file it worked no
problem. With disks you have to stand them upright in a disk box.
Also giving them a light tap on the table works.


My Dial-A-Pirate game code revolving thing wasn't in the box for the
first game. Could it get any worse. And then to top it I couldn't find
the box for the second game. I've been at this all day. I have three
original copies of the second game plus the manuals and no box.

Never mind. I made my own Dial-A-Pirate thingy and got into the game.
I was worn out by this time .... Oh for the life of a pirate.

Anyhoo .. Monkey Island is enjoying its 30 year anniversary. Have fun.

Monkey Island - Strange coincidence.

'Which one of you thieving pirates
stole my disk number nine ?.. Come on !!

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